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File:Maurice Prou 1925.jpg|right|thumb|Maurice Prou (1925 photo) '''Maurice Prou''' (28 December 1861 in Sens - 4 October 1930) was a French archivist, paleographer and numismatist. He studied at the École des Chartes and École française de Rome, afterwards working at the ''Cabinet des médailles de la Bibliothèque nationale''. In 1889, following the death of Arthur Giry (1848-1899), he was appointed professor of diplomatics at the École des Chartes. In 1916 he became the school's director, a position he maintained until 1930. Within this time period (1916-1919), he also taught classes on ''histoire des institutions'', filling in for Paul Viollet (1840-1914). Prou played a major role in the revival of legal history|history of law and its institutions during the latter part of the 19th century. He was a longtime member of the editorial board of ''Revue historique de droit'' (Historical Review of Law) and the...
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